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More than 11 Million People Have Signed Up for Affordable Care Act Insurance

On Tuesday, February 17, one day after open enrollment ended for Affordable Care Act coverage for 2015, the White House announced that more than 11 million people will be covered under federal health insurance this year. That figure includes people that either signed up this year or renewed their health insurance coverage from last year.

According to information released by the White House, Sunday, February 15 was the single largest day for health care enrollment that the government has had so far, with more brand-new consumers signing up for coverage than they had on any day in either of the open enrollment periods that have occurred this year and last. More than a million people signed up for health insurance on that Sunday alone.

Additionally, health officials from the White House announced that another 10 million people gained health insurance in states that took steps to expand Medicaid coverage.

Before the open enrollment period kicked off on November 15, the Department of Health and Human Services set its goal of 10.3 to 11.2 million people to be enrolled. With more than 11.4 million people now enrolled, that goal has been surpassed. Out of those 11.4 million people, 8.6 million of them signed up for insurance through federally managed exchanges. At this point, there is no information to reveal how many of those 11.4 million people are renewals and how many are brand new sign ups.

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  • Posted on: Mar 31 2015