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Affordable Care Act Grants Extended to 20 New Jersey Medical Facilities

Twenty different health care facilities across the state of New Jersey will share approximately $5.5 million in grants through the Affordable Care Act. The money will allow them to bring on more staff members and provide treatment to more than 32,000 new patients, according to a government announcement.

Of these facilities, the North Hudson Community Action Corporation will receive the largest chunk of money, a total of $500,728 for the facility, which had been plagued by long waits for appointments. With the additional staff and extended hours, more patients from a variety of communities near the facility will have access to the treatment they need in a timelier manner. Paterson Community Health Center, Inc. was also the recipient of a sizeable grant of $247,590.

From the grant money awarded to the North Hudson Community Action Corporation, 50 percent of all the funding will cover Hudson County operations, while another 20 percent will go toward two medical centers that are connected with St. Mary’s Hospital. The final 30 percent will be used in health care services in Bergen County.

While there has been plenty of Affordable Care Act news centered around the types of new challenges and issues that doctors and health care providers face under the new legislation, it’s clear through grants like these that there have also been a number of benefits provided by the act. As the Affordable Care Act enters into its second year, it will undoubtedly continue to evolve and provide more benefits for providers.

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  • Posted on: Nov 10 2014