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Connecticut Health Care Reimbursement Issues Underline Flaws in System

There are so many inefficiencies that still continue to plague the health care system at a national and state level, even after all of the reforms that have come into play over the last couple of years. These issues are on full display in Connecticut, where extremely low reimbursement rates are causing losses of $25 per patient per day. For nursing homes in particular, this has meant financial hardship and a loss of an ability to provide appropriate care to their most needy patients.

Hospitals throughout the state continue to say that state funding cuts have drastically impacted their ability to provide affordable service because they aren’t getting the reimbursement needed. According to many health care providers, they are not receiving the financial benefits that had been promised with more people throughout the state signing up for insurance through the Affordable Care Act. All the financial gains that have occurred have been offset at the very least by statewide reductions in Medicare and state aid funds.

There have also been a lot of difficult negotiations between health care providers and insurers. Because of the debates between the two sides, including scuffles over reimbursement rates, the contract between Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Hartford Healthcare expired, creating a whole lot of confusion and potentially huge out-of-pocket costs for patients. Fortunately, both sides were able to comet o a new agreement, but this came after a great deal of public backlash.

Unfortunately, these difficulties aren’t just restricted to one state. Health care reimbursement has been a rising issue across the nation, and these types of disputes are likely to continue until there can be a clear-cut solution that comes from the federal level.

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  • Posted on: Nov 3 2014