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John W. Leardi Shares Insights for Practice Owners in Podiatry Management Magazine article “Preparing for Your Exit (Now or Later)” 

John W. Leardi

When it comes to the sale of a medical practice, “Knowing your value, knowing what you want, and knowing where your vulnerabilities might be long before a sale comes along is a good start to make sure you’re ready when it does,” writes Buttaci Leardi & Werner member John W. Leardi in the October 2023 edition of Podiatry Management Magazine article “Preparing for Your Exit (Now or Later).”  

As John explains, planning for an exit is something that should be done now, even if retirement, relocation, or an exploration of new career opportunities may be five to 10 years down the road. The urgency stems from the need to have a clear and honest picture of what you want paired with current information about the practice’s value which is a continuing process of tracking, monitoring, and working on improving financial fundamentals and addressing issues to increase marketability. 

At this time, market factors make podiatry a relatively safe long-term investment. Like any other asset, there are a variety of ways to examine value, and there are many things to do to prepare for a sale. The time to figure out what is most critical to you—and therefore what kind of exit might be the most appealing—is not when you are discussing a potential transaction. 

John notes that while private equity investment has undoubtedly played a significant role in creating a market for practice sales, not all investment is being driven by institutional capital. Over the last two years, for example, Buttaci Leardi & Werner attorneys have seen a marked increase in more “traditional” practice sale transactions including: associate buy-ins; partnership buy-outs; MSO spinoffs; and merger and acquisition by and among independent physicians and practices.  

To read more about self-awareness, potential transactions, due diligence, and the key driver of value in any sale, read “Preparing for Your Exit (Now or Later)” in Podiatry Management Magazine here.

The article was originally published in October 2023 and appears with the permission of Podiatry Management Magazine. John W. Leardi represents podiatric physicians and their practices in business transactions, regulatory proceedings, and payer reimbursement disputes. He is a Fellow of and regular contributor to the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM). John and his law firm also serve as General Counsel to the New Jersey Podiatric Medical Society (NJPMS).

  • Posted on: Oct 23 2023