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Simple Tips to Help Medical Professionals Avoid Malpractice Suits

Even the most honest and diligent physician needs to constantly be on his or her guard when it comes to potential lawsuits. However, a great deal of recent research shows that many medical malpractice lawsuits come as a result of poor communication and misunderstandings rather than actual errors on the part of the doctor.

With this in mind, here are some steps that doctors can take to help avoid medical malpractice suits:

  • Be courteous and attentive. Patients are much less likely to file lawsuits against doctors with whom they have a good relationship. Even if anything does go wrong, they will be more willing to give the doctor the benefit of the doubt.
  • Be diligent. All doctors are understandably pressed for time given the amount of patients they see on a consistent basis, but it’s extremely important to review patient charts before every important. This will help to ensure proper treatment while building a good relationship with the patient.
  • Always follow up. Having follow-up protocols in place helps to ensure that patients do not miss appointments or important tests and that they are doing well after the treatment they received.
  • Practice clear communication. It can be difficult to explain procedures to parents. Doctors that have difficulties with communication should consider bringing in another physician or professional who is better at clearly communicating what patients can expect from a procedure. It is also imperative to ensure that patients understand everything they have heard and have made an informed decision before opting for a particular procedure or medication.
  • Be consistent. Doctors should deliver the same quality of care to every patient every time they come in for treatment. Getting into a routine of diligence, excellent communication and personal, attentive service will significantly lower the chances of being the target of a malpractice suit.

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  • Posted on: Oct 16 2014