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St. Louis Physician Convicted on Health Care Fraud Charges

Dr. Devon Golding of St. Louis was convicted on multiple charges related to health care fraud, including false statements on a health care benefit plan and billing for services not rendered.

Testimony that was given at the trial indicated that on multiple occasions, Goldman actually billed for services while he wasn’t even in town. Additionally, Golding had a registered nurse on staff that, several times during the course of her two-year employment took the examination necessary to attempt to become a certified nurse practitioner. She failed the exam every time and told Dr. Golding, but still continued to see patients.

Other testimony showed that Golding usually only came to the office for two or three days in a given week. While he was absent, that registered nurse would examine and diagnose patients on his behalf, even ordering lab tests and prescribing medications. Additionally, the nurse would put together the progress notes for the patients that Golding would then sign when he returned to the office, which means that he was falsely stating that he was the one overseeing the patients. He knowingly told the nurse to perform all these tasks despite them being beyond what she is licensed to do as a nurse.

The convictions included three counts of fraud and two counts of false statements, and he will be sentenced on May 21. Each fraud count comes with a maximum of 10 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000.

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  • Posted on: May 19 2015