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New York and New Jersey Health Care Litigation Attorneys

Protecting your assets and reputation through advanced dispute resolution

The nature and complexity of health care disputes often differ, but providers engaged in a dispute have a common need — quick resolution of the conflict with the least amount of time and financial expense. At Buttaci Leardi & Werner, LLC, we never lose sight of the fact that litigation and other business-related disputes are disruptive and costly to our clients. It is our responsibility to find the most efficient means to reach a positive outcome.

Our litigation and dispute resolution practice

As advocates and counselors, we succeed by combining knowledge of our clients’ businesses with expertise in the law and the art of advocacy. Our experience and foresight leads to sound assessments of risk, accurate estimates of costs and, where possible, favorable settlements, in areas including:

Commercial litigation 

Health Care providers often find themselves embroiled in disputes arising from their business dealings and contracts. But because of the complex regulatory schemes that govern the day-to-day operations of any health care provider, even the most run-of-the-mill commercial dispute can quickly escalate into something more bothersome. The key is to assess any regulatory risks up front and to map out a litigation strategy that ensures that these concerns do not blemish an otherwise meritorious position. We regularly handle disputes on behalf of our provider clients involving:

  • Corporate formation, restructuring and dissolution
  • Minority shareholder rights
  • Commercial contract and lease disputes
  • Employer/employee relations
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Business torts
  • Protection of confidential/proprietary information

Post-payment audits and reimbursement litigation

Most insurers now process claims first, paying providers, and then demand repayment and reimbursement following a payment audit. This dramatic increase in refund requests and reimbursement demands has led to an increase in litigation and disputes between our clients — health care providers — and money-hungry insurance companies.

Class action litigation

Because of our knowledge of private insurance reimbursement, our firm, in conjunction with the nationally renowned class action attorneys of Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, has filed a number of class action lawsuits against health insurance companies in an effort to protect patients and doctors from financial abuses by managed care programs. Our experience in litigating managed care disputes on behalf of individual providers gives us the ability to differentiate between grievances that are best resolved in isolation and those that might benefit from consolidated action.

Dispute resolution

Alternative methods of health care dispute resolution — including arbitration and mediation — have grown significantly more popular in recent years. Insurance companies, practice groups, managed care plans, physicians, dentists and other health care entities value the speed, privacy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in areas such as business transactions, credentialing, peer review, reimbursement, provider contracts, technology, restructuring of physician and dental practices, and practice management disputes. Buttaci Leardi & Werner attorneys serve as representatives of the parties, as well as arbitrators and mediators, across the many types of complex health care matters.

Appellate litigation

We frequently serve as primary counsel on appeals, handling matters from initial notice to final argument, both in cases where we were involved in the initial litigation and cases where another firm handled the proceedings below. At Buttaci Leardi & Werner, we recognize that appellate advocacy is a vital aspect of litigation, requiring experience and skill sets that differ from those of a trial attorney. When our team of appellate attorneys works on health care cases, we bring our in-depth knowledge of the industry and extensive understanding of the substantive laws and procedural rules governing both state and federal court proceedings.

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