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NJ & NY Health Care Billing and Reimbursement Litigation

Seeking full and fair payment for practitioners and entities

Health Care providers and institutions face challenges unlike other businesses in obtaining payment for their services. The complexity in the health care arena is a result of the prevalence of third-party payment, intricate payment arrangements, the inimitable regulatory structure and other factors. Buttaci Leardi & Werner, LLC has achieved substantial goals for our clients throughout the country in billing and reimbursement litigation and arbitration.

The fact is that many practitioners and entities are finding that they must argue with insurance companies to get proper payment and reimbursement for claims. This reduces practice revenue and eats up time that could be spent treating patients and working with clients. Insurance companies often are found to be wrongly denying or reducing reimbursement claims — costing our clients money. Our clients then need to waste valuable patient time fighting and collecting on these transactions. Wrongful delay, denial or reduction in reimbursement is improper and illegal, and our billing and reimbursement attorneys can assist you in recovering those payments.

Obtaining the compensation you deserve for the treatment you provided

We counsel our clients on how to handle third-party claims submissions from the moment the patient walks in the door for the first time to when the patient is discharged and a significant balance remains unpaid. We stress the importance of meticulous documentation, both clinical and administrative, and strict adherence to the administrative appeal processes available to our clients. If this diligence fails, we rely upon our extensive knowledge of both Medicare and private insurance carrier reimbursement, including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, to vindicate our clients’ rights in negotiation and litigation.

We represent practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes and practice groups, as well as medical associations and others to recover lost revenues from wrongful delay and/or denial by insurance companies. And the insurance companies are inventive in how they attempt to avoid or reduce payment:

  • Underpayment of managed care contracts
  • Violation of prompt-payment laws required by states
  • Post-payment audits
  • Recession of patient’s insurance policy post-treatment
  • Unauthorized discounts by HMO/PPO parties
  • Intentional or unintentional faulty data in insurer’s cost-containment software

Learn more about our billing and reimbursement practice

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