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Providing Solutions Before There Are Problems in NJ and NY

Guidance for providers nationwide in managing risks and regulatory compliance

Health Care is one of the most highly scrutinized and regulated industries in the country. With a seemingly endless array of always changing and highly complex statutes and regulations governing even the most basic day-to-day functions of health care providers, even an unintentional failure to comply with these regulations can have catastrophic consequences, including criminal liability, loss of licensure, exclusion from the Medicare and Medicaid programs and severe financial penalties. At Buttaci Leardi & Werner, LLC, we provide comprehensive risk management and compliance counseling to health care providers throughout the country.

Providing compliance and risk management from A to Z

Our compliance practice relies upon the expertise not only of seasoned corporate health care attorneys, but also of litigation attorneys experienced in defending providers under regulatory scrutiny. Practitioners and institutions rely on our attorneys for a variety of compliance and risk management services, including:

  • Designing and implementing comprehensive compliance and training programs, including the development of policy and procedure manuals to ensure ongoing compliance with fraud and abuse laws in high-risk areas, such as billing, coding and documentation
  • Guiding clients through requirements under the Affordable Care Act and health care reform (“Obamacare”), HIPAA, and HITECH requirements
  • Performing baseline billing, coding and documentation audits, as well as legal due diligence reviews of business practices and health information technology, in order to identify possible compliance issues, including those arising under HIPAA and HITECH privacy rules
  • Directing clients on managing compliance investigations and self-disclosure requirements, including federal and state regulatory compliance
  • Advising clients on the structure of proposed business relationships and transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, affiliations, employment relationships, space and equipment leases, and physician recruitment arrangements
  • Conducting regulatory due diligence reviews for buyers and sellers of health care-related companies, including physician practices and licensed facilities
  • Counseling clients on the fraud and abuse issues associated with Medicare and Medicaid claims submission and reimbursement, including compliance with state and federal false claims acts and state licensing regulations
  • Preparing quality assurance manuals for specific clinical services, including diagnostic testing, outpatient surgical procedures and discharge requirements, medical marijuana provision, physical therapy integration, and other evidence-based treatment protocols

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